Crimson wrestler Osatiuk places 2nd at state at 106

Two other competed at state tourney

Maple Grove sophomore team captain Brad Osatiuk captured second place at 106 at last weekend’s state wrestling tournament at the Xcel Energy Center. Osatiuk finished his season with a 34-5 record and is ranked seventh in the Minnesota standings.

Sophomore Logan Dick (120) and first year wrestler Theo Gee (138) also represented the Crimson at State.


Osatiuk’s run to the finals began when he faced the eighth ranked 106 pounder, Josh Bryant, a freshman from Coon Rapids. In the first period Osatiuk snapped his opponent down and came around for two points. He worked to turn Bryant with a near-side cradle, but was blocked. In the second period, Osatiuk earned an escape and quickly shot on his opponent. Bryant sprawled on him, but Osatiuk popped out and returned him to the mat. In the third period, Osatiuk chose down and with 30 seconds remaining, Osatiuk reversed and nearly stacked his opponent. No back points were awarded, but Osatiuk won a 7-0 decision and earned a place in the quarterfinals.

Maple Grove’s Brad Osatiuk’s arm is raised by the referee following his first victory of the state tournament. Osatiuk wrestled his way to the championship round and earned the second spot on the podium.
Maple Grove’s Brad Osatiuk’s arm is raised by the referee following his first victory of the state tournament. Osatiuk wrestled his way to the championship round and earned the second spot on the podium.

In his second match, Osatiuk faced ninth-ranked Tanner Cole of Owatonna. At the whistle, Osatiuk led with a double-leg, but he was not able to keep his opponent in bounds. Osatiuk finished the first period offensively, but neither wrestler earned points.  The second period began with Cole down in referee position. Osatiuk blocked each of his attempts to escape by grabbing a leg and returning him to the mat. The score remained 0-0 through much of the third period. Then Cole shot for a single, but it was Osatiuk that came around to earn the two-point take down. Osatiuk put in a half and worked to turn Cole, but ran out of time. Osatiuk won 2-0.

In the semi-finals, Osatiuk met fourth-ranked Christian Bahl of Stillwater. Osatiuk led with head pounds followed by a single. Osatiuk lifted the leg high, but Bahl kept his balance. Osatiuk was able to grab the other leg and earned the take down. With the score 2-0, Osatiuk started down in the second. He rose to his feet, but Bahl went heavy. Back on the mat, Osatiuk reversed and tilted Bahl for three nearfall points as the second period ended. With a 7-0 lead, Osatiuk started the third on top. Bahl rose several times for an escape, but Osatiuk countered by grabbing a leg each time. In response to the stalling points awarded Bahl, Osatiuk put him to his back and gained two near-fall points. Osatiuk won 9-2 and advanced to the final.

In the championship round, Osatiuk faced Taylor Venz of Farmington. Venz finished his season 39-2 and is ranked second in Minnesota. In the first period, Osatiuk was taken down with a double-leg and trailed 0-2. Osatiuk starts the second period on top and blocked Venz’s first attempt to escape. A reversal extended the lead of Venz to 4-0. The third period brought no change in the score and Osatiuk earned a second place finish.


In the first round Dick faced No. 1 ranked 120 pounder Tommy Thorn, a St. Michael-Albertville junior with a record of 43-1. The Crimson sophomore shot on Thorn just after the whistle and got a single, Thorn countered and a stalemate was called. Dick was taken down and turned to his back as the period ended. With a score of 5-0, the second period began with quick sweep single, in which Dick is taken down, tied up in a butcher, and pinned. Dick would later advance to the consolation round, due to Thorn winning his second match.

In his first match of the consolation series Dick met Ty Johnson, a Woodbury sophomore with 34-8 record who is ranked 10th in the state. It looked like this match was going to be resolved quickly as Dick led with a deep single leg which he turned into a cradle.  Johnson was held for a count of three and rolled out. Dick pursued and wrapped him up again just before the end of the one minute period.  With a score of 5-0 at the beginning of the second period Johnson worked to slow Dick down, but was unable to put any points on the board. In the third, Dick chose down and led by hooking a leg and trying to reverse. He was unable to escape, but won by 5-0 decision.

Dick went on to face fourth-ranked Reid Lyden of Woodbury in the semi-final and lost 12-1.


Gee faced Jose Rodriguez of Henry Sibley in the first round. Gee fought hard in the first period and was awarded two escapes and trailed 6-2. In the second period, Gee earned another escape. His opponent maintained intensity and extended his lead to 10-3. In the third period, Gee was taken down by a sweep single, but he countered and nearly gained back points. Rodriguez executed another sweep single and used a cradle to put Gee on his back. Gee avoided being pinned, but lost in an 18-3 decision. Rodriguez did not go on to win his second match and Gee didn’t advance to the consolation round.