LETTER: Thanks, voters

To the Editor:
During this time of year filled with cheer, I would like to say thank you to the voters in District 883.
Thank you for the YES vote for our children, our schools, and our future!
Thank you for saving RMS-CES from being abolished.
Thank you for believing in RMS-CES and the unique environment it holds for our young adolescent learners.
Thank you for believing in the middle school concept for RMS-CES and the unique environment it creates for engaging students in developmentally appropriate learning experiences.
Thank you for believing in experiential learning for our students and supporting the partnerships we have that will help us provide this type of learning.
Thank you for trusting in the district’s financial plan and repairing of our buildings.
Thank you for seeing the positive vision and direction of our school district to continue to be a small yet competitive district for the best education of students.
Thank you for supporting our team of educators, support staff, and administrators as we move forward to make Rockford Area Schools a stepping stone for our current & future students for many years to come !
Our “little kids in big bodies” will thank you too – someday – for allowing their school to continue!

Betsy Pennuto
Reading 6 Teacher at RMS-CES