Maple Grove going green with GreenStep Cities

The city of Maple Grove plans to become a GreenStep city within the state.

Minnesota GreenStep Cities is a voluntary challenge, assistance and recognition program that helps cities achieve sustainability and quality of life goals.

The GreenStep program is free and based on 28 best practices. These practices are actions that are tailored to Minnesota cities that are focused on cost savings and energy use reduction. The program also encourages civic innovation.

The 28 best practices are under the categories of: building and lighting, land use, transportation, environmental management and economic and community development.

The Maple Grove City Council approved a resolution authorizing the city to participate in the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program during its Dec. 17 meeting. This approval makes the city a Step 1 GreenStep city.

To become a Step 2 city, Maple Grove will need to implement eight best practices. The city has already done a number of them including: installing a geothermal system, having a pedestrian friendly town center area, locating civic building the town center and having a comprehensive plan with higher densities in the gravel mining area.

For Maple Grove to become Step 3 city, it would need a comprehensive effort from multiple city departments.

— Compiled by Alicia Miller