LETTER: Lives in Maple Grove

To the Editor:

I would like to know why Maple Grove addresses always come up as Osseo. I don’t have anything against Osseo, but have been a Maple Grove resident since 1967.

Why do businesses on the Internet and personal addresses always come up as Osseo? Maple Grove is larger and has far more residents. Look up an address in Maple Grove (Maple Grove Vision Clinic) and it says Osseo.

What does the USPS have against Maple Grove. Do they call Golden Valley Crystal? Do they call Bloomington Richfield?

I don’t know why this has happened for so long.

I have city pride in Maple Grove. I am tired of people sending me things and telling me when they look up my address is says Osseo.

Donna Swanberg

Maple Grove

  • Andy

    Depending on where you live in Maple Grove, your zip code has a lot to do with it. If you live in the 55369 zip code, your mail more than likely comes through the Osseo Post Office. This is the same for a portion of Dayton as well.

    The same thing happens in the City of Ramsey. It is bigger in size and population than the City of Anoka, but still registers as Anoka when you look it up, etc.

    As for why it bugs you so much, that is a problem you may need to get over because I do not think it will be changing any time soon. Otherwise, if you really want your mail or address to come up as Maple Grove 100% of the time, I suggest moving to the other side of Maple Grove.

  • http://PressandNews/letters Sue Schultz

    I also live in Maple Grove, but understand the answer. However, I don’t think the answer was given very tactfully. Actually, it was quite harsh and blunt!

  • Dick C.

    Sue you are right. We redefine voting districts on a regular basis. Life goes on. If postal supervisors were told they would be fired if it wasn’t fixed post haste – It gets fixed. They have no problem changing the price of a stamp. Zip codes were suppose to add zip to the delivery time, easier than teaching geography. Did it work? The PD keeps saying they are losing billions of dollars. Note that they also still call it, “First Class.”

  • Andy

    My appologies Sue. My response was never meant to be harsh or blunt. I was only stating the obvious for the author of the letter. My intent was only to state the facts and inform Donna to her subject.