Maple Grove approves revised Hwy. 610 layout

The Maple Grove City Council heard and considered supporting a revised layout of the final unfinished segment of Highway 610 during its Monday, Dec. 17 meeting.

Hwy610The council also unanimously adopted its 2013 General Fund Budget, Road Reconstruction Fund Budget, General Obligation Capital Improvement Plan Budget and setting a tax levy for 2013 during the meeting. The 2013 budget will increase 1.32 percent over the 2012 budget. Property taxes will increase by 1.41 percent over last year’s levy.

Here are some of the meeting’s highlights.



The council received the preliminary design presentation from staff and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). The council also approved supporting the revised layout for Hwy. 610 in Maple Grove. This is the final, unfinished, segment of the roadway, which would connect Hwy. 610 to Interstate 94.

Maple Grove Traffic Engineer Marc Culver said, “What we are coming with you tonight is simply an update of the design of the final phase of [Hwy. 610]. Unfortunately we are not coming to you with an actual construction project tonight. Although we do hope that someday, in the not too distant future, we will come back to you for official [approval].”

He added that the last time this segment of Hwy. 610 was updated was in 1994. Traffic projections have changed significantly since then, according to Culver.

The final design of Hwy. 610 incorporates new interchanges with Maple Grove Parkway and Interstate 94. This new roadway would alleviate current and future congestion and demand at the existing Maple Grove Parkway at I-94 interchange.

One key component to the overall project is the replacement of the freeway crossing currently located at 101st Avenue over I-94. When Hwy. 610 is constructed, the City of Maple Grove will lose 101st Avenue from Fernbrook Lane to the west side of I-94.

The roadway, 99th Avenue, between Fernbrook Lane and Maple Grove Parkway has already been constructed to allow development to build around the ultimate transportation network, but a new freeway crossing will have to be constructed for the city’s local use. The new crossing will be located at 105th Avenue.

A new roadway will be built from Maple Grove Parkway to the existing 105th Avenue and then a new bridge over the freeway will be constructed. Once on the west side of I-94, the roadway will begin to curve to the south to eventually intersect a new county road where it will join the existing County Road 30.

Culver added there was an open house for the public last week, where many residents from the 105th Avenue area had concerns addressed. “We were able to talk to many of them, address many of their concerns related to how this would be built, in what stages and impacts to their specific properties,” he said.

The next steps include continued work on the environmental documentation and working on 30 percent plans (for future possible design build funds for a shovel-ready project). Project timing is contingent upon funding.

Councilor Erik Johnson asked, “Where are we at on acquiring right-of-way?”

Culver said there was a substantial amount to obtain, but there was already a significant amount under public ownership. He figured the percentage was 50-50 or a little less.



In other action, the council:

SET a tour of the new Law Enforcement Training Facility Monday, Jan. 7, at 6:30 p.m.

TABLED action on the Crime-Free Multi-Housing Ordinance until Tuesday, Jan. 22. This council meeting will take place after an informational meeting has taken place between city staff and landlords and owners of rental properties within the city.

APPROVED the joint powers agreement with the city of Plymouth for the joint use of the Law Enforcement Training Facility.