Dist. 877 levy decreases 2.67%

The Buffalo School Board hosted the truth-in-taxation hearing and approved a 2013 levy that is 2.67 percent lower than 2012.

Director of Finance and Operations Gary Kawlewski presented information for taxes payable in 2013. In his presentation, Kawlewski highlighted four main factors affecting taxes (school portion only).

1. The district’s total levy has decreased $351,280 or a decrease of 2.67 percent. Some of the reasons for the decrease are because the district refunded bonds last year; value of the district went down therefore the district is receiving more state aid; and the debt service levy is going down.

2. The total value of all property within the school district boundaries (tax base) referendum market value and net tax capacity is down.

3. The assessed value of property (estimated and taxable market value).

4. The market value exclusion (state legislature): Reduces taxable market value based on a state determined formula; and is the reason why some statements show a difference between estimated market value and taxable market value

The tax change will vary based on the change in individual property value. On average, residential homestead tax bills will be down slightly due to declining values and a decrease in the levy total.

Kawlewski did mention that some of the tax burden has been shifted to agriculture property as a result.


Curriculum report

In other news, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Pam Miller presented the 2011-12 Annual Report on Curriculum, Instruction and Student Achievement.

The report outlines Dist. 877 student test results on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA-II), Minnesota GRAD Tests, MAP Tests (Measures of Academic Progress) and other tests administered in the schools. It also includes the school board’s goals relating to student achievement, the District/Community Teaching and Learning Council members and the 2012-13 testing schedule.

A copy of the report is available on the district’s website at www.bhmschools.org.