Hanover authorizes single-sort recycling contract

The Hanover City Council approved a revised contract with Randy’s Sanitation to provide single-sort recycling services beginning Jan. 1.

The council also discussed joining a municipal stormwater coalition, and took action on other issues.



The council previously favored a proposal to initiate single-sort recycling in the city, and now formally approved the contract to do so.

Randy’s Sanitation is the current recycling provider, presently using a dual-sort system. With single-sort, each residence will be provided a large cart to recycle all paper, glass and aluminum.

Although the contract is for 10 years, Randy’s accepted a contract change sought by the city to allow an opt-out clause after five years. The company also agreed that the city would charge a $3 fee on top of recycling costs for the first three years.

Even though the contract begins Jan. 1, Randy’s said it would take a while to swap out all the recycling containers and replace them with the newer, larger containers.

Pickup dates would remain the same, although administrator Bob Derus said he might see if it’s possible to get all city residences to recycle on the same day. Currently the residences recycle on one Thursday, while the remaining residences recycle on opposite Thursdays.

Staff said it would update residents about the change in both the city newsletter and on the city website.



In further matters, the council discussed a proposal to join the Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition (MCSC).

The MCSC, formed in 2006 as a subset of the League of Minnesota Cities, exists to support cities in meeting the stormwater regulations permit requirements. It also works closely with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and other regulators and policymakers to help ensure that adopted regulations are reasonable and effective.

“Our almost 100 existing member cities tell us that the MCSC dues pay for themselves many times over in the form of improved regulations, more reasonable state-level policies, and connections with other stormwater managers across the state,” Jim Hafner of MCSC and Kevin Frazell of LMC wrote.

They said some recent accomplishments and services include periodic email distributions on subjects of immediate concern and interest to member cities, such as auditing program and stormwater pond dredging; advocacy and information on grants and other funding programs; and representation and advocacy of cities concerns and interest at the state level.

Membership for Hanover would cost about $400 to $500 annually.

The council discussed the coalition and directed administrator Derus to check with his contacts and other municipalities before making a decision. Once more information is obtained, the council would consider approval.

In other action, the council:

RESCHEDULED both January council meetings. The Tuesday, Jan. 1, date was moved to Wednesday, Jan. 9. The Tuesday, Jan. 15, date was rescheduled to Tuesday, Jan. 22.

HEARD a staff recommendation to negotiate with the city of Greenfield for Hanover to annex a 1-acre parcel where a new home at the Hanover/Greenfield border would access Hanover public right-of-way.