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Public Notice of Auction
(Official Publication)
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that default has occurred on loans secured by the following described collateral. ASH Funding, LLC has a security interest in and will sell the following collateral to the highest qualified bidder at a public auction to be held on December 14, 2012, on or after 10 AM CST at 7545 Commerce Street West, Corcoran, MN 55340.
All equipment, chattel paper, instruments (including but not limited to all promissory notes), letter-of-credit rights, letters of credit, documents, deposit accounts, investment property, money, and other rights to payment and performance all oil, gas and other minerals before extraction all oil, gas and other minerals and accounts constituting as-extracted collateral all fixtures all timber to be cut all attachments, accessions, accessories, fittings, increases, tools, parts, repairs, supplies, and commingled goods relating to the foregoing property, and all additions, replacements of and substitutions for all or any part of the foregoing property all insurance refunds relating to the foregoing property all good will relating to the foregoing property all records and data and embedded software relating to the foregoing property, and all equipment, inventory and software to utilize, create, maintain and process any such records and data on electronic media and all supporting obligations relating to the foregoing property all whether now existing or hereafter arising, whether now owned or hereafter acquired or whether now or hereafter subject to any rights in the foregoing property and all products and proceeds (including but not limited to all insurance payments) of or relating to the foregoing.
All general intangibles (including but not limited to all software and payment intangibles) all whether now existing or hereafter arising, whether now owned or hereafter acquired or whether nor or hereafter subject to any rights in the foregoing property and all products and proceeds (including but not limited to all insurance payments) of or relating to the foregoing.
ASH Funding, LLC reserves the right to reject all bids. The Collateral can be viewed by prospective bidders prior to the public auction. Contact Attorney for ASH Funding, LLC, Earl H. Cohen at Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC, 8050 West 78th Street, Edina, MN 55439. Phone (952) 941-4005.
(Dec. 6 & 13, 2012)
City of Champlin
(Official Publication)
The City Council of the City of Champlin does hereby ordain as follows:
Section 1. The location and boundaries of the districts established in Section 126-156 of the Champlin Zoning Code shall zone the following described property C-2 Commercial-General Business District with a Planned Unit Development (PUD) overlay district:
Commencing 103 feet north of the southwest corner of the northwest quarter of northeast quarter of Section 30, Township 120, Range 21 thence 421 1/2 feet, thence north 103 feet, thence west 421 1/2 feet, thence south 103 feet to the beginning, except road.
Section 2. The City of Champlin Zoning maps heretofore adopted are repealed.
Section 3. This Ordinance shall be effective from and after its passage and publication.
This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its adoption and publication as required by law.
– – – – – Deletions
Waived First Reading: November 26, 2012
Second Reading: November 26, 2012
Adopted: November 26, 2012
Mark W. Uglem, Mayor
Roberta Colotti, CMC, City Clerk
Published in the Champlin-Dayton Press on December 13, 2012.
(Dec. 13, 2012) CD-Ord728
City of Champlin
(Official Publication)
(PROJECT 2012-16)
Notice is hereby given that the Champlin Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Monday, December 17, 2012 at 7 p.m. or shortly thereafter in the City Council Chambers (Champlin City Hall) located at 11955 Champlin Drive, Champlin, MN 55316. The public hearing is to review a request from Daniel Roehl for a conditional use permit to construct a 1,173 square foot attached garage. The project is located at 10985 Mississippi Drive, legally described as Lots 1 & 2, Block 3, MISSISSIPPI RIVER PINES.
All interested parties are invited to attend and be heard. For more information, contact Scott Schulte, City Planner at 763-923-7102.
Published in the Champlin-Dayton Press on Thursday, December 13, 2012.
(Dec. 13, 2012) CD-Proj2012-16
School District 11
(Official Publication)
Advertisement for Proposal
Proposal #
Description of Bid
Facilities Cleaning Assessment Services
Bid Opening
Thursday, January 10, 2012 @ 2PM
For more information regarding the above bid, please visit the Anoka Hennepin ISD #11 website at:
(Dec. 13 & 20, 2012)
Foreclosure Notice
(Official Publication)
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that default has occurred in conditions of the following recorded instrument: Declaration of the Emery Village Association (hereinafter “Declaration”). LIENHOLDER: Emery Village Association. PROPERTY OWNER: Stacie Miller. DATE AND PLACE OF RECORDING: Recorded in the office of the County Recorder for Hennepin County, Minnesota on March 1, 2006 as Document No. 8757568, with subsequent unpaid assessments’ and fees’ further liens imposed by automatic operation of Minn. Stat. § 515B.3-116(h). ASSIGNMENTS OF LIEN: Not applicable. TRANSACTION AGENT: Not applicable. TRANSACTION AGENT’S MORTGAGE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: Not applicable. LENDER OR BROKER AND MORTGAGE ORIGINATOR: Not applicable. RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE SERVICER: Not applicable. ENCUMBERED PREMISES ADDRESS: 8339 Emery Parkway, Champlin, MN 55316. TAX PARCEL I.D. NO.: 30-120-21-43-0119. LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF ENCUMBERED PREMISES: Unit No. 1605, CIC No. 1623, Emery Village Condominium, Hennepin County, Minnesota. AMOUNT OF LIEN AS OF DATE OF NOTICE: $7,793.25. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that all pre-foreclosure requirements have been complied with; that no action or execution is now pending at law or otherwise to recover any debt secured by said lien, or any part thereof. PURSUANT to the power of sale granted by the owner in taking title to the premises subject to said Declaration, the abovedescribed property will be sold by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office as follows: DATE AND TIME OF SALE: January 30, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. C.S.T. PLACE OF SALE: 350 S. 5th Street, Room 30, Minneapolis, MN 55415. SALE INSTRUCTIONS: Public auction to the highest bidder, for cash, to pay the amount then due for said assessments, together with the costs of foreclosure, including attorneys’ fees as allowed by law. TIME ALLOWED BY LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY THE PROPERTY OWNER, OR THE PROPERTY OWNER’S PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES OR ASSIGNS: Six (6) months from the date of the sheriff’s sale. DEADLINE TO VACATE PROPERTY ABSENT REINSTATEMENT OR REDEMPTION: July 30, 2013 at 11:59 P.M. C.S.T. RELEASES FROM OBLIGATIONS IN DECLARATION: Not applicable. REDEMPTION NOTICE THE TIME ALLOWED BY LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY THE HOMEOWNER, OR THE HOMEOWNER’S PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES OR ASSIGNS, MAY BE REDUCED TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDICIAL ORDER IS ENTERED UNDER MINNESOTA STATUTES, SECTION 582.032, DETERMINING, AMONG OTHER THINGS, THAT THE FORECLOSED PREMISES ARE IMPROVED WITH A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING OF LESS THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT PROPERTY USED FOR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION, AND ARE ABANDONED. THIS IS A COMMUNICATION FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE IN BANKRUPTCY OR YOU HAVE RECEIVED A BANKRUPTCY DISCHARGE, BE ADVISED THAT THIS COMMUNICATION IS NOT AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT ANY DEBT FROM YOU PERSONALLY, BUT RATHER A STATUTORILY REQUIRED NOTICE FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES REGARDING ENFORCEMENT OF A LIEN AGAINST REAL PROPERTY.
Dated: October 9, 2012
/s/ Jordan E. Gall
Jordan E. Gall (#0391744)
Gall & Siders, PLLC
80 South Eighth Street, Suite 900
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: (612) 568-8731
Fax: (612) 466-3111
(Dec. 13,20,27, 2012, Jan. 3,10,17, 2013) CD-MillerForeclosure

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