LETTER: Proud of Osseo residents and voter turn out

To the Editor:

The voters of Osseo set a new All-Time Record for voter Turnout at 98 percent of all eligible voters — 153 voted via absentee ballot, 245 voters registered at the Polling place.

These figures are truly amazing and everyone in the City deserves to be very proud of their participation.

The people living in Osseo are very intelligent and perceptive. They informed themselves of the policy directions of the candidates along with their recent performance and voted accordingly.

Both Mayoral candidates had been serving in elective office in the years previous to the election. The voters were able to make their choices with that visibility in mind.

On the Council side, two candidates were elected by the voters. One candidate had served on the council in the previous term and had a visible history of policy direction, which allowed the people to vote having knowledge of that candidates’ performance.

A second candidate was also elected, who might bring in a new point of view, and will have the opportunity to establish their own performance record that fits their judgment and philosophy.

We are all fortunate to live in a town where the residents care about the future, with passion.

Douglas Lee