LETTER: Help support District 279

To the Editor:

On Nov. 6th, the District 279 — Osseo Area Schools community voted on two school funding questions. The operating levy failed by just 124 votes, winning or losing by just a two-point margin in most cases across the district.

Difficult decisions will be made by our school board. The 20,000 students in our district deserve the best education we are able to provide for them. Our children are looking to us to show advocacy — for them and for our communities — with respect and concern for all.

Minnesota’s design for K-12 education funding relies heavily on local levies. When schools seek additional revenue through the levy process there are no guarantees of success — as we have seen here. This reliance on local voter-approved levies is a crazy way to fund our children’s education, but it is the system our state has right now. Exploring alternative ways to fund public education, while attending to the needs of our local district is critical.

Learn about ways to support District 279 and build relationships across our district. Visit our website www.D279StrongSchools.com and provide us with your contact information. This community conversation must continue.

Laura Kelly Lovdahl

Maple Grove

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