Delano math team places 1st

The Delano math team placed first in a seven-team meet at Shakopee Monday, Nov. 5.

Kristin Hedtke, Zach Muckenhirn, and James Redinger paced the Tigers with 12 points each — followed by Adam Vieau with 11 points. Nate Bressler, Marcus Eidahl, Nathaniel Hood, and Lori Jensen added 10 points apiece, while T.J. Minor earned nine points. The Tigers took first place in all four individual events. Fifty-five mathletes participated for Delano whose next meet is Monday, Nov. 26.

Point totals for each school were Delano, 96; International School of Minnesota, 68; Lakeville South, 67; Holy Family, 62; Lakeville North, 52; Shakopee, 31 and Northfield, 7,