LETTER: Not supporting Osseo Mayor Lindquist

To the Editor:

As a business owner in Osseo I find it very disturbing that the Current Mayor would bad mouth and lie as much as he possible can to get re-elected!  I always thought Al was a pretty good guy, but had a different agenda than others and that was fine, but now he has crossed the line – he has always said he wants run an Open and Honest government – well that is the furthest from the truth according to his profile! As a member of the EDA and the Public Safety Committee (The Mayor voted for me on both) I have firsthand knowledge of some of the things you are writing about and quite frankly I find it ridiculous that you say you want to keep the Police Department – you voted to remove them when you knew that one of the council members would be out of town, do you really think the people of Osseo are that stupid?

As far as you bringing up the hiring of a former fire chief, the person that you have in question is someone that has been a Business Owner here in Osseo all of his life, he actually grew up here and lived in Osseo, something that you cannot claim, he was on the Fire Department for 28 years when he resigned because of the action of the Fire Chief that this council removed.  So he has made mistakes in his life and has paid for them and is still paying for them, if you want to hold pasts against people then look in the mirror I suppose your past is squeaky clean and you are asking voters to trust you! I would trust the former fire chief over you at least he has integrity, honesty and moral values; I cannot say that about you or you voting partner!   The league only stated that the city would be liable if HE WAS DRIVING and something happened – again another of your lies!

You do not represent the city of Osseo you have your own Special interest group that you represent.  Most people in the city know who they are, but I will not mention them, they have nothing to do with you and your character they are caught up in the middle of it!  As far as you being the new Ethical Leadership – I think you need to learn that from the former chief with 3 DUI’s – the meaning of Ethics or Political ethics is the practice or making moral judgment – He has done nothing but to apply to be a fireman in the city of Osseo, all he wants to do is serve his community like he has for the past 28 years, he has NO agenda of higher office, he has NO Special Interest groups that he works with every day, he pays taxes in this town as a Business owner, but all you want to do is bad mouth him, WHY?  That would be a question that every voter needs to ask you, WHY? Has he done something wrong to you or someone you know, well I guess as a voter to get the truth they need to talk to some of the Firefighters or former firefighters to get the true answer because you will just lie!

As far as the 3 council members that you so colorfully animate in your profile as the 3 big bad wolfs and they meet secretly in a cave under a waterfall somewhere in the woods under the cemetery – well I guess that was a little much!  You paint them as being bad for the city well have they been – let see – they have put together a plan to pay for things that are needed in the future for the city, they have balanced the budget, they cut $200,000 in spending and the most important thing is that they all live here in the city, not in a fictitious apartment that has been rented 10 times in the past 2 years.  You bring up Special Interest Groups in one of your flyers, well this is interesting because you claim these 3 have them – please name them?  I see a truck driver, Chiropractor and Commercial Real Estate broker – in the last 2+ years I have not seen any of them add on to their homes or buy new cars or reap any benefit from these Special Interest Groups, I think you may be referring to the actual Tax Payers of the city of Osseo as Special Interest Groups!  Now can you actually and honestly say the same thing, can you say that you have NO special Interest Groups that pull at you for SPECIAL things!  Again you need to go back to the Ethics meaning and see if that applies or better yet let the people that are voting decide that!

Lastly, you can come after me or my business all you want; it has not hurt in the past so I think this may bring business to my store!  You say that you are for the citizens and business owners of Osseo, but over the last 2 years that you have done promotions on TV for the city why have there only been a few select businesses that have been promoted on the show?  You are currently the Mayor of Osseo, which means ALL of OSSEO not just the hand pick special people; they and WE know who they are!  Do I think you have done all bad things for the city?  I just think that you are a bad Mayor with an agenda that has nothing to do with or for the city of Osseo!

Chris Mercadante

City of Osseo EDA Member

City of Osseo Public Safety Committee member