LETTER: Supporting Sabas for Champlin Mayor

To the Editor:

In less than 3 weeks our entire country will have newly elected officials. Although, I think each role is very important, the intent of this letter is to focus on the election that will determine who the next leader of Champlin will be. In my eyes, this leader will guide us and allow us to grow as a community. I have known Ryan Sabas for many years, and have had the opportunity to be neighbors for quite a few years. He is running for mayor because he is passionate about this city and the people that reside in it. He will make this a better community to live and work.

The city of Champlin does not need someone with inspirational motivation; Champlin needs someone with drive, determination, and the willingness to be candid with the residents and business owners of Champlin. We need a leader who is willing to be transparent, willing to share the good and the bad, and who is willing to listen. We don’t need someone of ignorance or someone who has a lavish and unrealistic plan; just someone willing to work hard for the place they call home.

Ryan is a man of integrity, a man that will lead us in the right way. He is a transformational leader, and that’s the reason he will get my vote on Nov. 6.

Kelly Moe