LETTER: Support Dist. 728 levy for children

To the Editor:


In November 2010 I was elected to the Dist. 728 School Board. I have learned an enormous amount, but maybe what I learned the most was the value of educating a young life.

As a school board director I vote for what I believe is always best for our more than 13,600 kindergarten through high school students. This past summer I agreed we needed to put before voters two ballot questions. I felt then as I do now that our communities recognize the value of public education.

The first ballot question is a renewal of an expiring levy that voters first approved in 2003, continuing funding at the same rate as it has for 10 years, and 10 more years if approved. The second question is for a new levy that will provide $400 per student for the next 10 years. An important point: for Question 2 to be enacted, Question 1 must also pass.

As a citizen I also vote for what I believe is best for our nation, state and community. The two levy questions on the Nov. 6 ballot are intended to educate, inspire and empower every child that I represent. These ballot questions are about our mission, but they are also about the future of our children.

I believe every adult in each of these communities also wants to do what is best for children. Regardless if you are a senior citizen, a single person, a married couple without children, a Democrat, Republican, born in this country or elsewhere, I believe all of us have an obligation to support our community by supporting our children. These young people will inherit what we pass on to them. Do we want to provide them an outstanding education that will allow them to pursue their dreams and reinvest in their communities? I believe we do.

We are a collection of diverse communities, but I believe we are united as one when it comes to our children. I ask that when you vote Nov.6, that you make an informed decision about public education in Dist. 728. I believe all of us will make the right decisions.

Tony Walter

Dist. 728 School Board