LETTER: ArMand possesses qualities to be effective mayor for Champlin

To the Editor:

ArMand Nelson has been a neighbor and friend for over 22 years. Over the 22 years in Champlin, ArMand has volunteered and served on a number of task forces & committees for the city, beyond the commissions he has been a part of. As a resident he has been at a number of city council meetings to share input on issues that were important to the growth and stability of Champlin.

He has been a leader in public safety, a leader with the park and rec commission, a leader in education and for the last 4 years has been an effective city council member for the city.  He’s an effective communicator, he knows the issues and the city, and he’ll make decisions based on facts and what’s good for the community as a whole. ArMand’s experience, volunteerism and leadership in a number of areas within the city are what define what an effective mayor should be.

The city has faced some challenging issues in the past and there are challenging issues ahead. The community needs an effective leader who knows the city inside and out, has a history with the community and will keep Champlin on a path that we can all say were proud to live in. The clear choice is ArMand Nelson. I encourage you to vote for ArMand Nelson on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Chris Goodman