LETTER: Rockford levy: Time is now to shape our future

To the Editor:

Voters have a great opportunity on Tuesday, November 6, to shape the future of the Rockford School District. In 2010, while our house was for sale, we checked out other area school districts because it was our opportunity to shape our family’s future with four young children and the oldest was just entering kindergarten.

In the end, we chose to stay in Rockford because we noticed the new superintendent, Paul Durand, along with the School Board, were leading an overall attitude change that Rockford Schools were no longer going to be second best.

I took the tour of the schools in order to see firsthand what was included in the bond. Without a doubt, the most shocking part for me was how dated many areas were and felt. The Band Room in the High School not only has asbestos in the floors but has one of the most depressing color schemes. Fortunately, a fresh coat of paint will be included.

Passing the bond not only addresses immediate needs that have been kicked down the road far too long, but also advances our athletics that have facilities that are vastly under-funded, which was also very evident on the tour. More importantly, it will continue to allow the district to provide an excellent education to our children through our Elementary Arts Magnet School, Middle School STEM Magnet and High School; and it will provide an athletic draw with a new synthetic turf field.

They expect 50 families to enter the district if the bond passes (100 leave if it doesn’t). This alone would add an additional $500,000 per year to the general fund! Do you think they will come because we have fixed our immediate needs? No, they will come because we not only have opportunities for a great education but we will also have some topnotch athletic facilities.

Most of all, we want the Rockford School District to become the best district it can be with the support of its residents.



Jeff and Michelle Miller

Rockford Residents