LETTER: Writer urges, ‘Vote Yes for Delano Schools’

To the editor:

Don’t let Delano become the next Rockford. Vote Yes for Delano schools.

So what’s so bad about Rockford?

The people are great, nice neighborhoods. However, because Rockford is like so many small communities outside of the Twin Cities, it is defined by its schools. Because it has a reputation and history of failing to support its schools, Rockford’s image has suffered, thus affecting property values, school enrollment and general perception of the town.

Delano could be the next Rockford.

Delano is known as a great family community with much of that vitality coming from the energy generated from the schools, students and activities that occur because of a healthy vibrant school.

It is a fact that it is the school system and quality of education and school experience that defines a city like Delano or Rockford.

Ask anyone who has moved to Delano and surrounding areas in the last seven to 10 years why they moved to Delano, and they definitely will mention the schools and quality of the education as their number one answer.

What has happened over the last years because levies have not passed?

Parents know the answer: overcrowded buses, explaining to their kids that their friends can’t come over because there’s no room on the bus, class sizes that make it difficult to learn, higher fees on every activity.

Those of you that live in and around Delano and don’ have school age children need to stop and look around and appreciate that it affects all of us negatively if we let the quality of our schools continue to diminish because of lack of community financial support.

If we don’t support our school and vote “Yes” for the operating levy referendum, it will affect every aspect of the city of Delano.

Rockford passed its first operating levy in a long time last year, and they are trying to come back. Good luck with that. Public opinion is a hard thing to change.

Vote “Yes” for both operating levy questions. Let’s invest $12 per month for kids, our schools and our community.

Brad Pappas