LETTER: Supporting Payer for Mayor

To the Editor:

Soon we will be casting our votes for the individual that will lead our city. Do we vote for who our friends are voting, the candidate with the most signs, or the one that represents our party? We need to get to know the candidates behind the yard signs.

As a 30 year resident, I can speak with merit as I have a long-term personal vested interest in the City of Champlin. I have seen Champlin grow from a small bedroom community to one with truly great potential. I firmly believe that Greg Payer’s dedication to our city, his understanding of the city, his experience, the healthy balance of intellect and common sense and his continued focus on bettering Champlin, he is by far the most qualified to become mayor.

I have personally known Greg and his family for over 10 years. I can attest that the commitment he has to the city and its residents are genuine. He is approachable, listens to your concerns and follows through. In this economy, we need a leader that is fiscally responsible. Now is not the time to simply vote your party or count signs. We need an individual with passion, integrity, ambition, maturity and a keen business sense to lead this city. We will have that if you join with me in voting Greg Payer for Mayor of Champlin.

Kristall Davis