Maple Grove, Corcoran reach water agreement

The Maple Grove City Council accepted terms with the city of Corcoran that will allow the two cities to contract for water services.

The council also received an update on the replacement of water meters within the city.

Granite City Food and Brewery was also before the council to amend its on-sale intoxicating/Sunday sale liquor license.

On a side note at the end of the meeting, Councilor Karen Jaeger reminded residents to leave all political signs alone. “We are having a problem where people are breaking signs and taking them down,” she said.

Jaeger added this type of offense is a misdemeanor.

This and other action took place Monday, Oct. 1.




According to staff, the city of Corcoran has made a request to make a connection to the Maple Grove Public Water Supply System. This first started in 2003. Corcoran would like to make the connection to purchase water for its public water supply.

Maple Grove staff has been working with Corcoran to develop plans to make a connection in the southwest part of the city. The connection would be at the trunk water main along County Road 10/Bass Lake Road, between the reservoir and County Road 101.

The contract between Maple Grove and Corcoran for water service would be for 30 years.

Maple Grove will furnish and deliver water to the southeast part of Corcoran. It will also own and operate all facilities necessary for the supply, treatment, storage and transmission of water to the connection point.

The city of Maple Grove will also sell water wholesale to Corcoran at a rate of $1.45 per thousand gallons, increasing 5 percent per year starting in 2014. The city will also reimburse Corcoran $90,000 for the construction of the trunk water main improvements.

Corcoran will own and operate all facilities for metering and distribution of water from the connection point to delivery points in Corcoran. The city will also pay Maple Grove a connection charge for each connection made to the system served with water from Maple Grove.

Maple Grove will be providing up to 5 million gallons of water per day to Corcoran. The city of Maple Grove also provides water to the cities of Osseo and Dayton.

The council approved the contract for water services between the city of Maple Grove and the city of Corcoran and authorizing the mayor and city clerk to execute the same, subject to the approval of city attorney and director of public works.



Public Works Director Ken Ashfeld informed residents that would be contacted regarding the replacement of water meters within the city.

“We are just now finalizing the federal communications permit,” he said. “We actually started installing the transmitters at the various tower sites [Oct. 1].”

Replacement of the water meters should be taking place in November, according to Ashfeld.



Granite City Food and Brewery requested the council approve an amendment to its current liquor license. This amendment would allow alcohol to be sold on the restaurant’s new outdoor patio.

The council approved the amendment to the Granite City Food and Brewery’s on-sale intoxicating/Sunday sale liquor license to include the outdoor patio.

In a related matter, the council approved the planned unit development stage plan for Granite City Food and Brewery to approve the construction of a 1,444-square-foot outdoor patio addition.



In other action, the council:

APPROVED seven change order items for the reconstruction of the Law Enforcement Training Facility (LETF) totaling $11,212.22. A fire destroyed part of the LETF in January 2011 and the city awarded the reconstruction bid to Ebert Construction in June of this year.

ADOPTED a resolution approving the final plat of Donegal, subject to the applicant addressing several conditions. This project is for 28 single-family detached residential lots located west of Zachary Lane and south of Weaver Lake Road.

APPROVED the final plat of Maple Brook, a 56 single-family detached lot project, subject to several conditions. The project would be located east of Vagabond Lane and south of 73rd Avenue N.

SET a meeting for Friday, Nov. 9, at 4 p.m. to canvass the Nov. 6th General Election.

PROCLAIMED October 2012 as Toastmasters Month.