LETTER: Uglem has done good things for his community


I support Mark Uglem for the office of State House of Representatives because he has been an excellent mayor.

Mark gets things done. Over the years Mark has been involved in bringing incredible economic development to Champlin. Projects include Cub Foods, Super Target, Hudy’s, Clive’s Roadhouse, Broadway Pizza, the Mann Movie Theater, Mill Pond Gables Senior Housing, Filtration Engineering, Wilcox Paper Distribution and many others.

Projects that are currently being planned include a medical building along Highway 169 and new development along the river. These important projects could begin as early as next year. They will add an important tax base to our city.

During the recession, Mark and the council managed our money wisely, kept our taxes low and actually increased the city’s credit rating.

Mark is a businessman who gets jobs done. We need him at the state legislature.

Rick Abrahamson