STMA keeps insurance that had high premium increase

After agreeing to seek quotes elsewhere, the St. Michael-Albertville School Board ultimately accepted the present property and liability insurance carrier.

The board also revisited a parent’s request to change the transportation policy.



Agent Arlan Middleton — broker for Indiana Insurance, the present property and liability insurance carrier — had indicated that Indiana increased its premium 40 percent in one year.

That sparked the board to seek other quotes, from health insurance broker Kevin Zachman. Zachman secured a quote from the Vaaler company.

“In comparing the quotes, they came in very similar,” Supt. Jim Behle later said.

Behle said the board still wants to seek more quotes next spring.

“The board voted to stay with Indiana with the idea that since the quotes were similar, we would look next spring with soliciting quotes with more time to get quotes,” Behle said.

He said the district first went with Indiana four years ago when the company was bidding low to get business in Minnesota. “The market for such insurance is hardening up, not much competition,” he said.

He added that the school district did a couple things to bring the premium down. For example it went from a $10,000 deductible to $25,000, and changed coverage on other deductibles to get the total payment down from $240,000 to $218,000.



In other news, the board continued discussion about a parent’s request to change the transportation policy.

The policy dictates that parents can have one pickup and one drop-off point per week for bus transportation. The parent asked the board to reconsider that policy.

The board asked Supt. Behle to talk to the principals and come back with more information.

“We looked at two areas: Safety, as so many students ride transportation and getting them on the right bus and right drop off is complicated if we have multiple drop-offs during the day. Also there is an efficiency concern,” Behle said.

The board elected to continue the policy this year but will revisit it again next year.