Albertville splits vote in combining administrator/engineer position

by Aaron Brom

[email protected]


The Albertville City Council voted 3-2 to combine the city administrator/engineer/public works director position expected to be offered to staffer Adam Nafstad.

Interim administrator Bob Thistle later said the Springstead consulting company — hired to develop an administrator job description — made two job descriptions, one for a traditional administrator and one for a combined position.

City engineer/public works director Nafstad began his job with the city full time in April following his work as a consulting engineer. Former city administrator Larry Kruse’s position was terminated shortly after Nafstad took the job, and some on the council expressed favoring Nafstad for the administrator job as well.

Thistle said the next step is to refer the council’s vote to the personnel committee.

“The committee will be revising a job description, come back with a pay scale and also some work programs and a process for doing some mentoring with (Nafstad) to make the transition to this position,” Thistle said.

He said there would be a contract drawn up to the personnel committee between the city and Nafstad “that will be reviewed by the council, and if adopted, would be the process that would officially appoint him.”

There would be a timeline for when that transition would take place, and provisions for a transition that is part of the personnel committee decision.

A recommendation will come from the personnel committee to the council, then the council would accept it or not and modify it.

Mayor Mark Meehan and councilors Jillian Hendrickson and John Vetsch — the same majority that voted to terminate Kruse — voted to combine the administrator/engineer/public works position.

Voting against the recommendation, councilor Larry Sorensen noted his vote wasn’t against Nafstad so much as voting against the process. Sorensen has said he prefers going through an interview process for the administrator candidates.

In other matters, the council directed staff to submit a preliminary budget for the Tuesday, Sept. 4, council meeting with a recommended 2 percent levy increase. The council is expected to approve the budget Sept. 4, which is the last date it can do before being required by the state to submit a preliminary levy and budget. Final budget approval takes place in December.