Candidate filing closes for area offices

Filing for city council and school board closed Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Up for election in Albertville are seats belonging to Mayor Mark Meehan (two-year term) and councilors Larry Sorensen and John Vetsch (four-year terms). Filing are current councilor Jillian Hendrickson for mayor. She is joined by mayoral candidate and former mayor Donald Peterson. Filing for council are Sorensen and Vetsch, and challengers Paul Turpin, Mark Barthel, James Krutzig and Rob Olson.

Up for election in Corcoran are seats belonging to Mayor Ken Guenthner (two-year term), and councilors George Gmach and Roz Milbrandt (four-year terms). Filing is Guenthner for mayor, and Milbrandt, former councilor Ron Thomas and Diane Lynch for council.

In Hanover, Mayor Martin Waters (four-year term) and city councilors John Vajda and Dave Malewicki are both up for four-year terms. Filing for mayor are Waters, current councilor Wendy Pinor, current councilor Chris Kauffman and Joe Kaul. Filing for council are John Vajda, Dave Malewicki, Chris Zanetti, Jeff Rengstorf and Doug Hammerseng.

Up for election in Rogers are Mayor Jason Grimm (two-year term), and councilors Jay Bunting and Rob Bell (four-year terms). Candidates squared off in the recent primary election. Moving on to general election ballot are Bunting and challenger Bob Ivey for mayor. On the council ballot will be former councilor Darren Jakel, Don Hall, Garrett McConnach and Steve Swanson.

In St. Michael, seats belonging to Mayor Jerry Zachman (two-year-term), and Chris Schumm and Joe Marx (four-year terms) are up for election. Filing for mayor is Zachman; filing for council are Schumm, Marx and challengers Cody Gullick, Thomas Biernat (had filed for mayor, withdrew and re-filed for council) and Michael Griffith.

For the St. Michael-Albertville School Board, four-year seats belonging Jeanne Holland, Drew Scherber and Carol Steffens are up for election. Filing are Holland, Scherber and Steffens, and challenger Jim Shovelain.

For the Elk River School Board, four-year at-large seats belonging to Sue Farber, Janelle Henry and Holly Thompson are up for election. Filing closed, no primary necessary, as six total candidates will be seeking the three seats. All three incumbents filed. Also filing are contenders Dan Hunt of Rogers, Jane Frazier of Rogers and Tom McCauley of Elk River.