Escaped felon from Oklahoma apprehended in Rockford

On Aug. 9, at approximately 8:30 p.m. in Rockford, David Blade Clay, 45, of Okemah, Okla., was arrested in Rockford on a State of Oklahoma warrant for felon escape from custody.


According to Captain Greg Howell of the Wright County Sheriff’s Department, authorities received a report of domestic abuse by a female earlier in the day, but no charges resulted from it. Clay’s name did, however, trigger knowledge of a warrant in Oklahoma for which he was taken into custody for that evening.

Clay escaped from the John Lilley Correctional Center Saturday, July 28, and was considered by Oklahoma law enforcement to be armed and dangerous. Clay, 45, is a white male — stands 5’10, weighs 189 pounds — with brown eyes, brown hair and several tattoos including sleeves with skeletons, and “Wasted Youth” on his back. It is believed he Clay was in Rockford due to a possible involvement with the female who made the domestic call.

Clay was convicted of Possession of a Stolen Vehicle April 26, 2011, in Oklahoma.