St. Michael Council bids farewell to Bob Derus


Staff Intern

On June 26 members of the St. Michael City Council bid a bittersweet farewell to Bob Derus, as it was his final meeting acting as City Administrator for St. Michael.

Community Development Director Mark Weigle also presented several issues throughout the meeting, of which included the issues and importance surrounding surveys on community performance. A system in which residents are able to evaluate their community through online surveys is currently in place. However, members acknowledge that this may not be the most accurate way for evaluation because one is unable to detect who and how many times someone takes a survey.

"There may be other ways to measure cities rather than surveys," Weigle said.

The Council acknowledged that the surveys serve a wide purpose of reaching a large audience and encouraging those to voice their opinions on city matters. The motion carried to continue the system and receive feedback from residents from matters that are most important to them.

The council also discussed and passed a resolution for cities to give funds to park recreational facilities.


Perhaps the most important aspect of the meeting was in its conclusion. The meeting ended with Council Member Joe Marx presenting Derus with an engraved plaque documenting his time served on the council and his dedication to the betterment of the community, a position that he held through the month of June. After sitting on the council since the 1990’s, he concluded his successes in his position with one final, although short, meeting.

"Thank you for your support, I have enjoyed my time on the St. Michael City Council," Derus said.

Members of the council congratulated and applauded Derus on the successes he saw while acting as a member of the council. They acknowledged the influences he had in the community and view him as influential in the growth of the St. Michael community.

"Well Bob, from all of us thanks again, you made our jobs easier," Mayor Jerry Zachman said.

Although this chapter of Derus’s life has come to a close, he does not see his involvement in the council ending with his retirement. His role however will be vastly different.

"I have a hunch I’ll stop in at a meeting sometime," he said, "I can now call you up and complain."