Champlin rethinks bid process for Andrews Park improvements


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With their second reading of the resolution to accept the plans and specifications of the 2012 reclaim and pave project, the city of Champlin approved a change in the initial reading, adding to the project.

Initially approved for reclamation work to Ensign Avenue, Gettysburg Avenue, 123rd Avenue and Jersey Avenue, the council has added parking lot improvements and underground utility work at Andrews Park to the project.

The addition bumps the project’s final price tag up to $933,700, with a total of $325,000 earmarked for the Andrews Park improvements. This portion of the project will be funded through the park reserve fund. Property owners incurring assessments for the other portions of the project will not see an increase in their assessments for the Andrews Park addition. However, the excess reclaimed bituminous material will be utilized in the park’s parking lot.

The change comes on the heels of news that the initial bids received for the entire scope of work on Andrews Park were significantly higher than expected. The council rejected the bids at the June 11 meeting.

"As we completed the development of the final plans and specs for the project, and fully analyzed the complex nature of this project, several aspects of the engineer’s estimates began to increase," stated Champlin Parks Facility Manager Dan Masloski in a memo to city council. "Water and sewer infrastructure changes needed to be made to comply with codes and regulations."

After receiving less than favorable bids on May 22, the team, along with staff, immediately started the process to analyze why there were so few bidders and why the bids received were well over the engineer’s estimates.

Masloski outlined the results gleaned from further analysis. The Andrews Park improvement project had 36 contractors pull plans, of which nine were general contractor bid holders. Since bid opening, staff and the team has compiled a list of what contractors had to say about the Andrews Project: