Rockford High School damaged by persons unknown; Staff steps up to restore order

Rockford High School was vandalized early morning Tuesday, May 29.

According to Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputy and District Liaison, Dave Kolar, entry was made through a window, which sustained damage. The majority of the damage consisted of paint on school walls. Kolar advises that anyone with information contact the sheriff’s department by calling either 911, or 1-888-958-TIPS.

Information can also be relayed to the District at: [email protected]

A cash reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest, or conviction, of parties involved in this criminal act.

Following the incident, staff worked together to clean up the mess and restore order.

Classes resumed on Tuesday, as planned, but with some minor scheduling adjustments to accommodate the continued cleanup of affected hallways and classrooms.

"This incident demonstrated the quality of our team for supporting each other," said District Superintendent Paul Durand in a statement posted on the district’s web site. "RHS is a strong school because of the people who care so much about it – our students, parents and staff – and we should never forget it."