‘Rock’ stars visit Rogers schools


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Armed with colorful rocks, each with their own internet-linked message, a group of Rogers students participated in Rock Thoughts at all three Rogers elementary schools.

Art teacher Nichole Hahn and the Rogers Middle School staff and students are collaborating on a large-scale project called "Rock Thoughts."

According to www.rockthoughts.com, Rock Thoughts is the leading global public art and collaborative story initiative. "Our goal is to help children learn how to develop the skills they need to connect with others and the world around them in a meaningful way," Hahn said. "We do so through storytelling."

The students are decorating rocks donated by Hassan Sand and Gravel. The students research the Rock Thoughts Web site and create a story about that rock. Each rock has a URL and a code on the bottom, which bring anyone who finds the rock to the story. The finder of the rock is then asked to add onto the story and hide the rock somewhere in the community again.

"It’s a way to incorporate art with literacy arts, mostly creativity and purely student lead," Hahn said.

The middle school students are creating and writing 200 rock thoughts. The rocks will be at Rogers, Otsego and Hassan Elementary. Elementary students will be searching out the rocks and continuing the story. These rocks will continue to be hidden throughout the community.

If you find a "Rock Thought" feel free to participate. For more information about the project, see Hahn’s blog MiniMatisse.blogspot.com.