Osseo approves extending bar hours Super Bowl weekend

The Osseo City Council approved extending the bar hours during the Super Bowl weekend, at its Monday, Oct. 9, meeting.

Also during the meeting, the council considered amending the Gateway Sign Policy and accepted a donation of 150 Holiday gift cards to the Police Fund.


The council discussed the possibility of extending bar hours during the weekend of the Super Bowl at the meeting.

City Administrator Riley Grams presented the council with option for the extended bar hours between noon on Feb. 2 through 4 a.m. on Feb. 5.

The legislature granted the extended bar hours with special licensing for on-sale intoxicating liquor licenses.

Grams said only holders of an existing on-sale intoxicating liquor license or a 3.2 malt liquor license are eligible for later closing hours. The city could also charge a fee of up to $250 for the special permit requests from license holders.

“The purpose of the permit fee is to recoup any additional city resources spent towards those additional hours of more bar time,” Grams added.

Councilor Larry Stelmach said he did not feel there would be any additional people coming into town to go to the bars. He felt it would just be local people.

Councilor Mark Schulz asked Osseo Police Chief Shane Mikkelson if he planned to have any additional patrols on the road during the Super Bowl. Chief Mikkelson said no.

“I’ve talked to all of our bars and nobody is having anything special,” Chief Mikkelson said. He added that the bar owners have not expressed interest in staying open until 4 a.m. as of this week, but things could change.

The council unanimously voted to authorize the issuance of special permits for extended bar sale hours for the Super Bowl and no fee for special permits.


In other matters, the council considered amending the Gateway Sign Policy.

Administrator Grams said the city has received a few requests from local groups to waive fees associated with placing ads on the Gateway sign. He said, currently the policy makes no mention of approving requests to waive fees.

There was recently an approved policy for the Community Center, which does allow groups to submit requests to waive fees and are then brought to the council for consideration.

“What we would have is that, if a group felt they warranted a waiver of the Gateway Sign fee, they would fill out the application,” Grams said. “That application would go on to the next available council consent agenda for the city council to consider. And then approve or deny it.”

Councilor Schulz said he the waiver of fees for the sign was discussed, proposed and excluded from the policy the first time. “There were several reasons behind it,” he added. “I’m always hesitant about chopping up policy in little tiny pieces to fit whatever thing hits us at whatever time.”

He said there is a committee meeting coming up where the council would be discussing and reviewing the policy in further detail. He also said he didn’t want to set a precedence by waiving fees.

Councilor Stelmach said he was comfortable with tabling the item until after the review of the policy.

A motion was made to table action. The council voted 2 to 2 in favor of tabling. Councilors Harold Johnson and Anne Zelenak voted against. The motion failed.

There was then more discussion between members of the council.

Councilor Zelenak said her concern with tabling the entire item is that it could prevent a message from going on the sign that would need to promoted.

Administrator Grams said items could be put on the sign, there would just not be a waiver of the fee.

Councilor Johnson said, “The main purpose of that sign was to bring people into the city. Any of those [events] are going to bring in a number of people to downtown Osseo, that’s really what we need to do.”

Administrator Grams said the council could table action for the committee to look at the policy and bring forth recommendations to the council at a future date.

Another motion was made to table action on the amendment to the Gateway Sign Policy until after the subcommittee has convened. The motion passed 4 to 0.

Councilor Schulz asked, “Isn’t that the same motion we had on the floor a little bit ago?”

Zelenak said, “But I wanted to discuss it further.”


The council also approved a donation of 150 Holiday gift cards, total value of $418.50, to the Police Fund.

According Police Chief Mikkelson, “The Osseo Police Department is always looking for new opportunities to interact with youth/teenagers in Osseo, in positive and encouraging ways.”

Officer Mortinson reached out to the Holiday Gas Station and asked them to partner with the police department to build relationships with teenagers to praise good work, deeds and behaviors.

Store manager Tabbatha Paz donated the 150 Holiday gift cards, each with a balance of $2.79 on them for purchases in the Osseo location.

Chief Mikkelson said the cards will be distributed to teens who have displayed what it means to be a productive member of the community.


In other action, the council:

ACCEPTED the resignation of part-time officer Mark Ringgenberg.

APPROVED the hiring of Joseph Morqczewski, James Hultgren, Luke Churchill and Christopher Anderson as paid-on-call fire fighters.

ADOPTED a resolution certifying delinquent utility and garbage charges against specified properties.

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