LETTER: Disgusted with Rep. Paulsen

To the Editor:

I am disgusted, yet not surprised, by Erik Paulsen’s “yes” vote on H.R. 3354*. Agreeing to cut $2.4 billion for the Department of Education in order to fund $1.6 billion for a border wall shows once again his true alliance.

Our children attend the local public school and in February I briefly met with Rep. Paulsen to express my concerns about the negative impact this White House administration would have on education among other things. All he said was, “My wife is a teacher.”

This vote continues to disappoint constituents across his district. It also cut massive amounts of funding for the Department of Transportation, the Center for Disease Control, mental health, wild fire fighting, and more. I am glad Erik Paulsen’s votes are on record for all to see that he clearly does not represent the values of the majority of CD03.

(* https://www.countable.us/bills/hr3354-115)

Megan Bearce

Maple Grove