Rogers awards contract for Justen Circle street improvement

By Sue Webber
Contributing Writer

The Rogers City Council Sept. 26 awarded a $1.8 million contract to Kuechle Underground, Inc. for a sanitary sewer extension and street improvements for Justen Circle/Linden Avenue.

The watermain will be extended from the southwest corner of the intersection of Highway 81 and Highway 13, according to City Engineer Bret Weiss.

The project will accomplish several goals for the city, Weiss said.

  • Watermain will be extended to the Lennar project, from south of Highway 81 to south of Interstate 94 to serve Laurel Creek and other areas south of the freeway. The watermain was a requirement of the developer’s agreement for Laurel Creek, Weiss said, adding, “We need to get water service to the Lennar property by Dec. 1.”
  • The Justen Circle street connection to Highway 101 (Brockton Lane) is located close to the existing railroad tracks and Highway 81 along Justen Circle and across I-94 to the south side of Territorial Road, Weiss said. “As traffic volumes increase and the Brockton Interchange is constructed, there will be pressure to reduce this intersection to right in/right out, or close it completely,” Weiss said. Staff has been working with property owners to plan for an extension of Justen Circle to the south to connect with Territorial Road, to provide the primary access for area businesses in the future, he said.
  • Justen Circle and Linden Drive are rated two of the worst streets in Rogers, according to Weiss. “This project allows for the reconstruction of those streets as part of the franchise fee pavement management program,” Weiss said. “Justen Circle was previously constructed under Hassan Township and was not constructed per current (Rogers) city standards.”
  • Sanitary sewer will be extended to all properties prior to the street construction and as part of the watermain extension. Several area property owners are experiencing failing septic systems and have expressed interest in connecting to city sewer and water, Weiss said.

Kuechle Underground Inc. was the lowest of 11 bidders on the project, Weiss said, adding that their bid was less than the engineer’s original estimate of $1.9 million for the project. Bids on the project ranged from $1.8 million to $2.6 million, he said.

Financing for the complete $2.2 million project will come from Lennar, assessment agreements, pavement management funds, and Hennepin County, as well as watermain and sanitary sewer trunk funds, Weiss said earlier.

Construction will begin in October and will be completed in two phases, with the utilities and gravel roadway slated for 2017 and the pavement and final completion scheduled for June 2018.

“This project solves a lot of problems in the area,” Weiss said. “It’s a great improvement for this area. It has a big price tag, but we’re trying to address future problems.”

Councilor Bruce Gorecki said, “With Lennar coming in, it’s pretty important that we do this right.”

The council last week also authorized construction services to be performed by WSB & Associates.


In another agenda item, the council approved a preliminary plat and site plan amendment for Cabela’s, at 20200 Rogers Drive.

As part of the sale of Cabela’s to Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s is seeking to subdivide its existing site to create two new lots. The site plan approved for Cabela’s in 2005 requires an amendment, according to Sheila Sellman, Rogers Community Development coordinator and city planner.

Lot 1 will continue to be Cabela’s retail store, Sellman said. Lots 2 and 3 will be for future retail/commercial uses.

Employee parking and RV parking will remain until the lots are sold, Sellman said. Once the lots are sold, RV parking will no longer be offered, and employee parking will be on the east side of the building.