Man jumps out of moving car in Rogers

Rogers Police are reporting that a man jumped out of a moving vehicle, injuring himself Monday, Sept. 25 at the Holiday store north of Interstate 94.

Officers were dispatched to Holiday, in which it was believed a male jumped out of a moving vehicle and was in need of medical attention.

Officers arrived to find a 41 year old male laying on his back in the street, moaning in pain with abrasions to his hands and knees. A female that was with the male was on scene as had initially stated her sister was driving the vehicle when the male jumped out. Officers reviewed store video and found that the female was the only female in the car.

The female claimed to have a traumatic brain injury and was upset and unable to answer a lot of officer questions.

Police said that, due to the fact that it was believed she was driving at the time of the incident and that the injury was not witnessed, a warrant was secured to get a blood draw from the female in case the male suffered life threatening injuries.

The female became uncooperative and boisterous as she would hyperventilate and state she needed medications.

Officers decided to put the female on a hold to Hennepin County Medical Center as blood was eventually drawn there.