Council approves storage facility on border with Osseo

The Brooklyn Park City Council unanimously approved a conditional-use permit for a four-story climate controlled self-storage unit at 8570 Aspen Lane N., on the border with Osseo, at its Sept. 25 meeting.

The site, which is owned by Luther Auto Group, was originally purchased with the intention of building an auto dealership. However, Highway 169 reconstruction reduced the size of the lot to its current 1.63 acre size.

The company E and R Investments proposed the construction of a four-story, climate-controlled self-storage facility on the site, which is a use allowed in this district.

“This is sort of the new style you’re seeing in the Twin Cities a lot, where it’s instead of the old style garages with the overhead doors, they’re actually all contained within the building,” said Cindy Sherman, planning director. “Everything is climate controlled, the security is all controlled from one entrance at the front door,” she said.

When shadows are cast off the building, at their longest, they will have a minimal impact on nearby houses in Osseo.

Parking at the facility will be minimal.

A variance regarding the building’s footprint was also approved. While the city typically only allows the maximum size of a building footprint to cover 35 percent of a lot, the applicant proposed a 38.4 percent of the lot footprint.

Councilmember Susan Pha said that while she was originally concerned about the height of the building, after looking at other buildings of similar height, she no longer felt it would be too tall.

“After speaking with Cindy, our planning director, I went by and drove by the hotel that’s close by [Highway] 610 and West Broadway there, because it was similar [in height], and after taking a look at it, I think that it would be OK, seeing it for myself. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell how high four stories is until you see another building of similar size,” she said.

“I believe about three of these stories won’t event be seen on the back side by where the ramp is, and there’s a wall that’s there,” Councilmember Mark Mata said.

Osseo residents Jason and Teresa Luke wrote to the city expressing concerns about the size of the facility, as well as noise concerns. “I am concerned with the building being four stories tall and the tremendous impact this will have on our property value,” they wrote. “Our concern is it will make [noise incursion] worse.”

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