Bear versus car in Corcoran: tale ends sadly

A bear was found near County Rd 10 in Corcoran Sunday morning.

At 7:23 a.m., Sunday, Sept. 24, the Corcoran Police Department responded to a report of a possible hit bear near the intersection of Maple Hill Road and County Road 10. Upon arrival, the officer found a deceased two to three year-old male black bear weighing approximately 200 pounds. Police said the bear had been hit by a car sometime during night. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was contacted and responded to the scene.

“Bear sightings are uncommon in Corcoran,” said Corcoran Police Chief Matt Gottschalk. “If you see a bear on your property do not approach it. Bears will typically avoid people but sometimes come into contact with humans when trying to get into garbage cans or bird feeders.”

The bear’s hide will be used for educational purposes for the Police Department’s Firearms Safety Program.

For more information on bears in Minnesota visit the Minnesota DNR’s website. (Photo courtesy of Corcoran Police)