STMA High School prepares for construction projects

STMA High School is welcoming 16 new teachers this year. They include, left to right, Liva Rovig in business, Jon Kemp in social studies, Jesse Hackenmueller in health/PE, Annie Raatz in special education, Matt Eller in social studies, Nicole Schrage in English, Jodi Raisanen in math, Dan Monett in art, Gordon Schlangen in math, Slade Simpson in math, Jed Swensen in science, Logan Olesen in science, Megan Siemieniak in English, Joseph Siemieniak in English, Tammy Cornillez in special education, and Laurie Collings in business. (Photo by Aaron Brom)

By Aaron Brom
[email protected]

St. Michael-Albertville High School and Principal Bob Driver are preparing for the new school year that will usher in many changes.

Among the changes are 16 new teachers, a larger than usual number for new staff. Also highlighting the new school year is a huge construction project, both to the building itself and on the school grounds.

The building will undergo an expansion to add 12 new classrooms.

“We’re not under construction yet, but bids will be out soon,” Driver said. “We’re looking for construction to start around Oct. 1.”

Driver said the project will take about a year, in time for the 2018-19 school year.

Another huge project is construction of STMA’s new all-purpose domed facility. Driver said this project should be underway by October as well.

“We want to get the dome done in one year,” he said. “Everything is on time and budget.”

The school addition will add much needed space to the high school, which this year will be at about the current capacity, 2,000 students.