Seymour takes vacant Rockford council seat

Seymour is sworn in at the Rockford Aug. 8 meeting.

A resolution was passed to add resident Scott Seymour to the Rockford council lineup at the August 8 regular meeting.

Both Seymour and candidate Beth DeSantos were invited to attend a second round of interviews Tuesday, Aug. 1 in the council chambers after council couldn’t reach consensus to fill the seat at the July 25 meeting. A workshop directly before the July 25 meeting had allowed the council to review the six candidates who had initially applied.

At the special meeting, council found consensus to offer Seymour the seat. Previously, it had been filled by councilor Jeannette Graner, but she had to resign it due to a family relocation.

Seymour was sworn in to council until the next election term begins, which will be Jan. 1, 2019. After his interim period ends, the seat will be decided via pubic vote. The 2018 general election will open his seat for a 2-year councilor, and then will return to the regular 4-year election cycle after.


Also brought before council were two development agreements were drafted by staff for the Hurst Woods and Parkwoods developments.

Lennar proposed the building of 13 lots in what is referred to as their third addition of Parkwoods. Lennar representative Paul Tabone was at the meeting to address concerns.

The land, in the southern section of Rockford, was sold by Virgil and Edith Wagner in 2005. Currently, Lennar or U.S. Homes has plans to build one home, but on a lot outside of the third addition agreement. It was approved for building under the first addition.

Tabone told council that water and sewer was nearly in place for building, and thanked the city for their consideration in moving the agreement forward. The council approved the development agreement with any future changes deemed necessary after city planner, engineer, and administrator review.

The development and final plat agreement for Hurst Woods was also approved. The agreements specifically approved the 22 lots, one half of the Hurst Woods 3rd addition approved in fall 2007, but folded and sold in 2009.

After changing hands a few times, Dale Willenbring of Laketown Homes bought the 22-lot parcel. The other half of the third addition, an 18-lot parcel, does not currently have water mains that extend to it. Council has arrived at a possible solution to get the mains extended to the parcel in the future.

Laketown Homes plans to have 3 homes constructed by the fall. The agreement was also agreed pending city planner and engineer review.


Staff sought direction on a home owned by the city, but rented to a resident with abandoned possessions within it. The tenant was evicted in July after incurring 6 months of unpaid rent and given time to remove his property, but “made no effort to do so,” City Administrator Dan Madsen said.

Now that the period has passed and the possessions in the home are considered abandoned, the former tenant has asked to get a few of his possessions. He was told he could arrange a time, but the city also plans to dispose of the abandoned property as soon as time permits.

Staff asked for direction on property removal, and whether to rent it out again. The property will be used for the workforce housing development if approved by MN Housing in October, but could be rented for the 4-month interim.

Council agreed to not rent out the home in the interim, as the time frame was short, and to use staff discretion in regards to property removal.