DFL sends affirmative message

To the Editor:

I’m writing as the Chair of the 34th Senate District DFL in response to Gail Headrick’s letter posted on July 28. She may be confusing our unit with the one which followed us in the parade. We carried signs that spoke to our affirmative message.
Our volunteers carried blue signs with white letters saying: Opportunity for All, Women’s Health, Support Small Farms, Transportation & Infrastructure, Clean Air Clean Water Green Jobs, and Affordable Health Care. I agree completely with Ms. Headrick that the parade and expo are great opportunities for the DFL to share its affirmative message which we did.
Could the editor or a reporter please follow up with Ms. Headrick to find out what she believes was “negative and misleading?” Could you write a news piece clarifying the argument and checking the facts?
I also agree the parade and Maple Grove Days were a great community event. It is wonderful to see everyone come together for a few days of fun in our growing community!


Nancy Meyerhoff
Senate District 34 DFL Chair