Albertville proceeds with Mall of Entertainment environmental review

After first announcing the project in spring 2016, developers of the proposed Mall of Entertainment in Albertville look to have some concrete steps toward construction of the huge complex.

The developers came before the City Council Monday, Aug. 7, to request distribution of an Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR), a comprehensive environmental study of its site in the extreme northwest corner of Albertville, south of 70th Street and just north of Interstate 94.

The Darkenwald Family Partnership said they are aiming to open parts of the site in 2019.

According to the developer, the Mall of Entertainment will feature “a world-class entertainment venue in Albertville that will feature an interactive indoor waterpark, an exploration-based out of home adventure, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Back-Lot edutainment experience and a 275 room Marriot Hotel and convention center.”

The full City Council of Mayor Jill Hendrickson, Walter Hudson, Rob Olson, Aaron Cocking and John Vetsch listened intently to the AUAR presentation before approving a resolution that authorizes distribution of the AUAR and mitigation plan amendment for the site. It will now be sent to the Environmental Quality Board for publication.

No other formal applications, such as rezoning, have yet been submitted for the site.

“This is just the first step, and we thank you for your action tonight,” the development’s planner Anne Hurlburt said.

More information from this meeting will be in next week’s Crow River News.