Dayton City Council meetings now available live

By Megan Hopps
[email protected]

The Dayton City Council recently approved an audio and video recording and streaming policy.
With the installation of new video recording equipment to the city council chambers, the council considered a policy providing details as to what meetings will be recorded and made available to the city’s website. The policy does not include the recording of closed sessions as these are protected under state statute. The policy also stipulates that if the council were to set a special work session the council could choose whether or not to live stream the session.
The policy not only includes city council meetings, but meetings of the Parks and Planning Commissions as well. The meetings will be covered gavel to gavel without editing unless there is a violation of the policy. The city hired an audio-visual technician to prepare screen titles for agenda items, council and staff names and guest speaker identification as part of the production procedures. Recordings will be available three to five days after the meeting date.
The policy also includes a digital bulletin board with textual information will be displayed on the city’s live steaming web site 24 hours a day, seven days a week except when there is a live stream of a meeting. The information will be locally oriented and of interest or benefit to the public. There will be no commercials, political campaigning, religious materials, obscenity or defamation allowed ever on the channel. Should changes to the policy be required for any reason, the item would come back to the council for approval.
Questions about the city’s audio and video recording and streaming policy should contact city hall at: 763-427-4589.