May students at Elm Creek

Students from Elm Creek Elementary School have been named for the month of May. Pictured in the front row, left to right, are: Molly Durand, Nadia Durow, Nolan Lawrence, Ella Christensen, Sophia Morales Ortiz, Malaysha Tischer, Brynn Bomar, Kaleb Feist, Liam Tolifson, Lauren Tschimperle and Shelby Cramer. Middle row: Alex Solem, Quentin Burgess, Hang Goldsmith, Addie Peck, Aleah Humphrey, Shawn Carlson, Obari Owatechujor, Landon Gjersvik and Zaynab Khalif. Back row: Marina Caudill, Sam Walquist, Hailey Mathisen, Johnny Wills, Hayley Petterson, Alyssa Trzynka, Ayden Loney, Brenden Kranz, ChaRell Williams-McMillian and Alayna Geithman.