Students safe after chemical leak in Hassan Elementary classroom

Hassan Elementary School was evacuated Monday, June 5 after an apparent coolant leak in one of the building’s kindergarten classrooms.

The incident occurred around 12:45 p.m. Monday as normal classes were in session. Students were safely evacuated out of the building as a precautionary measure, and the heating and cooling system was shut down.

After an assessment period, the district was given the “all clear” from Rogers emergency personnel to bring students and staff back into Hassan Elementary to resume the school day. Students from the impacted area of the leak were relocated throughout the building.

School staff, with the advisement of state and local officials at the scene, have said school can proceed as normal through Thursday, the final day of classes, at Hassan. Crews will work to make repairs in the impacted area, and students displaced by the restoration and repairs will be relocated within the school for the final three days.