3 stolen vehicle suspects arrested in Rogers

Three suspects were arrested for alleged car theft in Rogers Monday, May 15.

Officer observed a vehicle on the shoulder westbound I-94 east of Main which had a flat tire. Officer conducted a welfare check and there was no driver. The front seat passenger was revoked and claimed she was with two other males who had walked off. The officer felt this was suspicious.

Officer contacted State Patrol dispatch and requested they keep the vehicle on camera. Officer then was updated by State Patrol that another vehicle pulled up. One officer conducted surveillance on the vehicle from the parking lot of Fed Ex. The other officer came up behind it from a distance on I-94 and parked to observe.

The vehicles left the scene and the officer caught up to the vehicle an ran the plate. The officer determined the Chevrolet Tahoe was stolen. The officer waited for backup and followed both vehicles to the Holiday Gas Station in Rogers.

A felony stop was conducted in the lot of Holiday Gas Station and the occupants were taken into custody. Officer observed the entire SUV was filled with tires. It was towed to the police department sally port to be processed and fingerprinted.

The Rogers Police Detective interviewed the driver who requested an attorney. She was transported to jail on a vehicle motor vehicle theft charge. The front seat passenger was also interviewed and then transported to jail on a felony motor vehicle theft charge. A third male was arrested on a warrant for theft.

Arrested were Jermaine Fairbanks, 39; Tara Schweiger, 36; and Thomas Nelson, 56.