Wright County Sheriff’s Office helps intercept 13 pounds of methamphetamine

Suspect arrested in Buffalo

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office assisted the MSP Airport Police in intercepting 13 pounds of methamphetamine that was addressed to a residence in Buffalo.

Following an undercover operation, Juan Pablo Anzaldo, 31, of Brooklyn Park was arrested after a portion of the drugs was delivered to the home in Buffalo.

According to the criminal complaint, Anzaldo is charged with one count of first degree sale of 17 grams or more of cocaine or methamphetamine; and a second count of first degree possession of 50 grams or more of cocaine or methamphetamine.

The first charge reads that Anzaldo “on one or more occasions within a 90-day period did unlawfully sell one or more mixtures of a total weight of 17 grams or more containing cocaine or methamphetamine, to wit: defendant did sell, give away, barter, deliver, exchange, distribute or dispose of to another, or to manufacture approximately 124 grams of methamphetamine.”

The second charge reads that Anzaldo “did wrongfully, unlawfully and feloniously possess one ore more mixtures of a total weight of 50 grams or more containing cocaine or methamphetamine, to wit: defendant possessed approximately 124 grams of methamphetamine.”

According to the criminal complaint, On April 29 agents with the Special Investigations Unit of Wright County Sheriff’s Office were contacted by MSP Airport Police concerning a suspicious package they intercepted that was destined to be delivered to the 1000 block of Leo Lane in Buffalo.

Officers with the MSP Airport Police executed a search warrant on the package and discovered it contained approximately 13 pounds of “a while crystalline substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine.”

The officers brought the package to officers in Wright County for purposes of making a controlled delivery of the methamphetamine to the residence in Buffalo. Approximately 124 grams of methamphetamine was left in the package and the remainder was replaced with softener salt.

Officers applied for a search warrant for the Buffalo residence to be executed after the controlled delivery. An officer with MSP Airport Police worked undercover as a UPS driver and delivered the package. A male identified as SDZ (birthdate Aug. 24, 1954), accepted delivery of the package and took possession of it.

Shortly after, officers executed a search warrant at the residence. SDZ cooperated and pointed out the location of the package, and after being advised of his rights, spoke to the officers and said a male was on his way to pick up the package. SDZ said he knew the package “probably contained drugs” and said he was getting paid $500 to receive the package. The complaint said SDZ gave officers a description of the male who would be picking up the package, as well as a vehicle description.

The suspect arrived at the home and exited carrying the box that contained the methamphetamine. The male placed the box in his car and drove away.

Officers then stopped the car and arrested the driver, Anzaldo. Officers staking out the residence confirmed that the defendant gave SDZ $500.

“Given the amount of methamphetamine involved in this case, and due to the defendant picking up and transporting it to another person, it appears the defendant possessed the methamphetamine with intent to sell it,” the criminal complaint concludes.

Maximum charges include 30 years or $1 million or both for each count.