Dayton approves RDO Equipment Co. at I-94

By Megan Hopps
Sun Press Newspapers

After presenting several different building options to the Dayton City Council, the plans for RDO Equipment Co. were finally approved.
The 55,000 square foot warehouse will be constructed at I-94 and Holly Lane in the southwest. The building design will have differentiating elevations with textured, light gray insulated paneling and decorative concrete.

RDO Equipment Co. is moving to Dayton. The 55,000 square foot warehouse will be situated at I-94 and Holly Lane in the southwest.

Additionally, decorative architectural metal panels in a dark gray hue wrap the four corners of the building to break up the flat roof line. Other details above the service doors were added to enhance visual interest and there is adequate space for signs. The building will be constructed in two phases — the first will be a 35,000 square foot build and the second phase will add 20,000 square feet.
Plans do include extensive berming, landscaping and screening that serve to enhance display pads, soften the building facades and create a landscape buffer between the interstate and the building. The plans also include two display areas which will feature some of RDO’s equipment. The equipment that will be sold for retail purposes will be stored in garages on the back side of the building.
The challenges of developing this site were due to the difficult shape of the lot, the topography and the lots soil conditions.
RDO had presented its plans before the Dayton Council a handful of times; the sticking point always seemed to be the elevation plans. So the Council requested RDO re-work their plans and get a blessing from the Planning Commission. Since the Planning Commission was pleased with the most recent changes made to the design plan, the Dayton City Council voted to move forward with the development.
The city will be collecting nearly $400,000 in fees for the project. RDO will be installing public improvements including street, sewer, water and storm water improvements at their cost. The development agreement also stipulates that the applicant pay future assessment for the Brockton Interchange project as part of the transportation benefit study.
Construction for the RDO site will begin this fall.

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