Rogers tables Hassan project, approves Rogers Drive improvements



Street projects were on the agenda at the April 25 Rogers City Council meeting, including a bid for the Hassan Street improvement project, approving a plan for Rogers Drive street improvements, and approving the vacation of two rights-of-way.


The City Council discussed and then tabled until June 13 awarding a $305,259 contract to Park Construction Co., and authorizing $23,850 in construction services by WSB & Associates, Inc. for the northeast Hassan Street improvement project.

Several streets on the northeast side of Rogers, north of 147th Avenue in what previously was known as Hassan Township, are scheduled for improvement in 2017, according to City Engineer Bret Weiss.

The project’s base bid includes improvements to Cherokee Drive, Carol Lane, Country Road, and 150th Avenue North. An alternate bid would include improvements to Frederick Road, 148th Circle and North Point Drive.

“I’m not sure we have enough money to do all the projects we’ve identified,” Weiss said. “We could wait 90 days to award the bids. We certainly have some time to wait.”

However, Weiss said, “We will run a risk if we wait until fall.”

The city received eight bids for the project ranging from $305,259 to $369,715 for the base bid, and $551,397 to $668,392 for the base bid plus the alternate bid. The alternate is not being recommended for award until later in the year after other Pavement Management Plans have been bid, Weiss said.

Funds for the improvements will come from dedicated city funds collected through franchise fees, as well as city funds earmarked for unpaved streets.

“The streets constructed under Hassan Township were not constructed with corrections to the subgrade,” Weiss said.


Plans for improvements to Rogers Drive were approved last week, as Rogers approaches its second year of funding its pavement management plan through the collection of franchise fees.

During the first year of implementation, the city reconstructed Phase 1 of Rogers Drive from David Koch Avenue to just east of Rapid Marine, Weiss said in a memo to the council. Phase 2 of the project will address the next segment of roadway from Rapid Marine to the intersection north of South Diamond Lake Road (Rogers Drive/Richard Street).

“This is a large project, now single lane in both directions,” Weiss said. “We’re proposing to extend four lanes to the edge of McDonald’s.”

That segment of Rogers Drive currently consists of two 12-foot lanes and shoulders varying in width and turn lanes, Weiss said. “The proposed design widens westbound/northbound Rogers Drive from Rapid Marine to South Diamond Lake Road to two lanes with curb and gutter at McDonalds and the Travel Center,” he said. “Southbound/eastbound will maintain the same lane configuration until just before McDonalds, where it will be widened for an additional lane until it connects with the Phase 1 project.”

Median work also is proposed to improve traffic movement at the Travel Center to extend the left turn lane, Weiss said.

Cost of the proposed improvements is estimated at $726,000, Weiss said. Bids are expected to be awarded June 13.

The cost will be evenly split between two funds, according to Weiss, who added, “We’re trying to leverage the money as far as we can.”

The funds include:

• Non-allocated funds from the city’s transportation trunk fund, which collects funds from developers for the expansion of existing roadway systems.

• State aid funds amounting to an estimated $300,000 from gas tax receipts administered by MnDOT (Minnesota Department of Transportation). “We get state aid because Rogers is over 5,000 in population,” Weiss said. “We can use 20 percent of it on high-volume streets.”

• City funds estimated at another $300,000 will come from franchise fees to be used for replacement of the existing pavement.


The council conducted public hearings vacating two rights-of-way: portions of Territorial Road within the Justen Addition, and portions of excess right-of-way along the Rogers Drive frontage road.

Regarding Territorial Road, Weiss said Rogers currently has road authority over the existing right-of-way of Territorial Road from Brockton Lane to Interstate 94. “A portion of the existing right-of-way no longer serves a public interest for the city of Rogers,” Weiss said in a memo to the council. “In addition, the city of Rogers has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Justen Family Estate to vacate the identified portions of right-of-way located within the plat of Justen Addition to accommodate future development.”

As for the Rogers Drive frontage road, Weiss said the city has road authority of the existing right-of-way of Highway 101 near the Mary Queen of Peace Cemetery. A portion of it no longer serves a public purpose, he said. “This vacation of right-of-way is necessary for future right-of-way exchanges for the purpose of constructing the Fletcher Bypass,” Weiss’ memo said.