Faithbrook Church raises money for Eastman Nature Center

Faithbrook’s Lead Pastor Jim Comfort and other members of the church presented Eastman Nature Center staff with a donation $1,400 for new microscopes and magnifying boxes.

Faithbrook Church is new to Dayton and is building a new facility at the corner of Fernbrook and Elm Creek Road. It is important, to the church, to engage with the community so they have been looking for places or projects where they can help. Since their new facility is located near the Eastman Nature Center (ENC) they asked their soon-to-be neighbors if they needed or wanted anything. Kim Nowicki, director of the ENC shared that they wanted to purchase six children’s microscopes and some magnifying boxes to use with school groups that come to the center. They would be a great asset in helping educate children about some of the smaller seen details of nature.

The outreach team heard about the microscopes and started planning a silent auction asking the congregation to donate gift baskets and then buy one of the baskets at the auction following a morning service. The microscopes cost around $180.00 each and Faithbrook is not a large congregation. They were hoping to raise enough for four or five of the microscopes. The congregation fully embraced this challenge and raised $1,400.00. Pastor Jim Comfort presented the check to the Eastman staff in April. The center now has enough funds to buy all six of the microscopes and magnifying boxes. When asked about the surprising amount raised, Outreach Team Director Pam Gorze said, “We had no idea the people would give this much but the people of Faithbrook Church are very generous.”

Faithbrook Church is currently under construction and sits at the intersection of Fernbrook Lane and Elm Creek Road.

The church has a track record of caring and serving. In the past, they had special appreciation services and meals for first responders, helped with civic events, and every other year take a group to Honduras to serve some with great need. The mission of Faithbrook church is to Love God, Love People and Journey together. When the lead pastor of the church was asked about the event, Jim Comfort said, “It is our pleasure to be a blessing to our community. It is part of who we are. It is what Christ would do.”

Currently, the new facility is under construction on the south side of Dayton. Services are being held at the Sundance Golf and Bowl upper banquet hall until construction is complete. They plan to have their first service, in the new building, July 9th with a grand opening in September.