Albertville directs Main Ave. bar to comply with permit

The Albertville City Council approved Neighbor’s Eatery’s liquor license, with the exception that the bar comply with outside trash storage by May 1.
The council revisited Neighbor’s Eatery of Main Avenue’s liquor license. Most of the city’s liquor license holders were approved for their yearly permit at the previous council meeting, but the council held off approval of Neighbor’s until a review of their compliance issues.
City planner Al Brixius noted in a March 28 memo to city staff that Neighbor’s is not compliant with requirements of its conditional use permit for accessory outdoor dining.
“The CUP stated that there must an established trash enclosure to screen all trash handling equipment from public streets,” Brixius said.
He said the trash enclosures are not compliant because two dumpsters are stored on the adjacent residential lot, north of their property,unscreened; one grease receptacle is stored on the north side of their building, unscreened; and  two green Curbside Waste receptacles are stored on the north side of the building, unscreened.
Neighbor’s was directed last year to remove the outdoor bar and re-establish the trash enclosure to screen all trash handling equipment from public streets and adjoining residential properties; or pursue an alternative location for trash handling equipment either onsite with documentation, or offsite on an adjacent commercially zoned property. The trash handling equipment must be stored in a trash enclosure or building.
The owner did not fulfill the necessary corrective measures, and a citation and $200 fine was issued.
“The owner appealed the violation about the dumpster enclosure Sept. 13, 2016, and stated that the neighbors allowed the garbage containers in the alley on Neighbor’s property, but on the neighbor’s easement,” Brixius said.
Ultimately the  council approved Neighbor’s liquor license with the condition they comply with the CUP by May 1.
In other news, the council a
APPROVED a resolution allowing the City to apply to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for funding and to meet required match requirements for the Westwind park project.
APPROVED the 2017 Fire Department Standard Operating Procedures.