Medina Police solve Target bomb scare:

Medina Police were called on March 26 to check out a bomb-like device (see above) with flashing red lights that was sitting on an employee’s computer in the Target store on Clydesdale Trail. Pictured here is the device at the scene. Investigators have discovered that the device was part of a store display that had been disassembled. (Photo courtesy of Medina Police)

The Medina Police have solved the mystery behind the March 26 bomb scare that happened at the Target store on Clydesdale Trail and concluded that “no criminal intent” was involved, according to Police Chief Ed Belland.

Detectives spent hours watching video from Target cameras and discovered the reason for the sudden appearance of a bomb-like device in the shipping/receiving area, Belland said on Friday, March 31. An employee had taken apart a display in the store. The display contained a 3 inch by 5 inch black box that had a blinking red light on two sides of it. The employee placed the device on top of a computer of another employee, who was not working that day. Someone walked by, saw the device, did not know what it was and called police.

The device looked homemade, Belland said.

Medina Police responded at 6:36 p.m. on a Sunday to a call about a suspicious device that appeared to be a bomb. The Target store was evacuated. Police set up a perimeter while the Minneapolis Bomb Squad investigated the device. The bomb squad determined that the box did not contain explosives and was not a threat to the public. Two bomb detection dogs conducted a sweep of the entire store after the device was removed, and nothing else was found. Responding law enforcement and fire personnel cleared the scene at approximately 10 p.m.

“In today’s world we follow protocol,” Belland said. “It’s unfortunate that Target was closed for two hours. It was better to be safe than sorry.”

He again reminded the public to report suspicious activity to police.