Champlin approves redesign of park warming houses

By Megan Hopps
Sun Press Newspapers

The Champlin City Council met to discuss warming house updates, an electronic sign at Miller Road and Highway 169 and address other matters of the city.
Parks and Facilities Manager Charlie Lehn told the council last week that two permanent warming house structures in the city require plumbing and electric updates. Planner Scott Schulte informed the council of an applicant who was interested in updating its existing sign structure to accommodate electronic messages.

Warming House Projects
The Council discussed the current condition of the warming houses at Andrews and Northland Parks.
Parks and Facilities Manager Charlie Lehn said the structures are nearly 40 years old and have original plumbing and electric systems and fixtures. According to Lehn, both structures require updating, bot just on the plumbing and electrical components but, to assure the buildings are compliant with the American Disabilities Act.
The city set aside $80,000 for these improvements in the 2017 budget, but proposed project costs estimate the total cost of the project to be approximately $120,000. To make up for the missing funds, staff suggested using surplus funds from a different park project being conducted at High Pointe Park to be transferred to complete the warming house project. There is $40,000 left over from the High Pointe Bridge project to cover the cost of the warming house renovations.

Electronic Sign
The Council also discussed the replacement of an existing sign at the Champlin Crossing retail center, 100 Miller Road.
The owner applied for a conditional use permit (CUP) in compliance with city code. The proposed sign includes a 32 square foot electronic message center.
Per city code, the sign must not interfere with traffic signs or signals and must display a message at a minimum of ten seconds. The sign must have ambient light monitors to ensure the brightness is controlled. The lamp wattage, luminance levels and Nits (how the light is spread per square meter) must be provided at the time of application and the edge of the electronic message sign must be a minimum of 100 feet from a residential property.
Additionally, the sign must not exceed 40 percent of the allowable sign area and must be placed below a minimum of 20 square feet from of permanent non-electronic message signs on free standing signs.
The sign at Champlin Crossings meets this criteria and the sign was approved.

The mayor and council also:
APPROVED a massage therapy license for Quiet Time Massage
AWARDED the 2017 tree removal contract
APPROVED the Highway 169 street improvement project Communication Plan
ENTERED into a Joint Powers Agreement with the Minnesota Bureau of Apprehension
ORDERED the mill and overlay improvements within Anderson Estates and the Preserve at Elm Creek 2nd and 3rd Additions

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