Champlin makes plans to begin $1.7 million trail, street project

Project to be completed in the fall 2018


By Megan Hopps
Sun Press Newspapers

The Champlin City Council ordered a public hearing for Monday, March 27, regarding the Elm Creek Parkway street and trail project improvements.
The portion of the roadway that will be reconstructed is from Goose Lake Parkway to 109th Avenue. Back in November, the city council ordered a feasibility study for this portion of the road to analyze its condition. Engineer Tim Hanson reviewed the condition of the pavement with the council and asked that it accept the feasibility report.
“The pavement condition of Elm Creek Parkway has deteriorated significantly in the past few years,” Hanson said.
Hanson explained that each roadway is given, what’s called, a Pavement Condition Index or, a rating between 1 and 100 that best describes the condition of the pavement. Pavement between 65 and 100 is considered a new or structurally sound roadway.
“Roadways between a 35 and a 65 pavement condition index are considered to have considerable imperatives in which higher maintenance is required such as a mill and overlay or reclaim,” he said.
Anything below 35 are roads considered to have structural issues. In those cases a complete pavement rehabilitation is needed.
The northbound lane on Elm Creek Parkway was given a rating of 32 and the southbound lane’s condition was even worse with a rating of 22.
“Pavement condition indexes for this section of street have decreased an average of 44 percent in the past three years,” Hanson said.
Hanson noted that there was extensive pothole patching maintenance completed on this section of street last year.
“The pavement is experiencing extensive spalling and significant cracking along most of its length,” he said. “Once pavement begins to spall, it increases very rapidly resulting in potholing. Pavement cracking is a sign of pavement structural failures. Due to the condition of the streets, they are best restored by pavement reclamation and paving.”
The total project cost for the Elm Creek Parkway improvements is estimated to be $1,725,000. Elm Creek Parkway is a Municipal State Aid (MSA) street, therefore, MSA funds are proposed to be used for the improvements. A section of trail extended from Elm Creek Parkway is included in the project. The trail cost is estimated at $17,460. The trail segment is proposed to be financed from the city’s trail fund.
Hanson noted that, as part of the project, a portion of the trail segment would be widened from an 8-foot trail to a 10-foot trail. Streetlighting, curb reconstruction and sewer improvements will also be looked at to be included as part of the project. The city council will be tasked with making a decision regarding the curb rehabilitation — should it be partially or fully reconstructed? While the feasibility study recommends removal and replacement of all the concrete curb, spot removal and replacement may be more cost effective.
It’s proposed that the project be combined with another nearby street and storm sewer improvement project. At that time, the engineers will analyze the condition of the storm sewers to determine if they need to be included in the project.
The Elm Creek Parkway street and trail improvement project is not anticipated to be complete until September 2018.

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